FAQ for Samba NTDOM PDC support

Last Update :Mon Jan 25 22:33:16 CST 1999

NOTICE : Unless otherwise stated all functionality described in this FAQ is contained only in the HEAD samba branch which is different that the main distributed branch (e.g. 2.0.0 at the moment).  The HEAD branch is used for developmental purposes and should not be used in a production environment.  This does not mean that is does not work, but rather changes very quickly and is to be considered a work in progress.  The distributed version is considered to be "stable" code but may not contain all the functionality of the HEAD branch.

Also, the FAQ deals with functioanality specific to interaction regarding Windows NT Domains and Samba.  For general setup information, please refer to the files located in the docs/ directory in the Samba distribution or to the documentation links on the Samba home page.

The NTDOM FAQ is available in ASCII text format here (slightly outdated).

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1. General Information

1.1.  How do I know if I need Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC) support.and how much of its functionality is currently implemented?

2. Setup

2.1.  How do I download the latest Samba NT Domain Controller code?
2.2.  How do I get my NT Workstation / Server to join the Samba controlled Domain?
2.3.  When I try to join the domain I get the message "The machine account for this computer either does not exist or is not accessable."
2.4.  I successfully joined the Samba controlled domain, but now I can't login!
2.5.  What's the status of print spool (\PIPE\spoolss) support in the NTDOM code?

3. Troubleshooting / Bug Reporting

3.1.  What are some diagnostics tools I can use to debug the domain logon process and where can I find them?
3.2.  How do I install "Network Monitor" on an NT Workstation or a Windows 9x box?
3.3.  I've seen the bits on the wire, but where can I find out what it all means?
3.4.  I've tried all the debugging help from question 3.1 and still can't get things working.  What information should I include in my posting to the samba-ntdom mailing list?

4.  User Account Management

Roaming Profiles & Policies
4.1.1  Why is it bad to set "logon path = \\%N\%U\profile" in smb.conf?
4.1.2  Why are all the users listed in the "domain admin users" using the same profile?

User & Groups
4.2.1.  When I run command line tool "x", that tries to use a domain account, I get the message 'No mapping between usernames and ID's was done.'
4.2.2.  I really need to include domain accounts and groups in the ACL's, but it won't work.

Domain Administration
4.3.1.  How do I configure an account as a domain administrator?
4.3.2.  I can't get system policies to work.

4.4.1.  How do I get remote password (unix and SMB) changing working?

5.  Miscellaneous

5.1  Since I don't need to buy an NT Server CD now, how do I get the "User Manager for Domains", the "Server Manager", and the "Windows NT Policy Editor"?

6. security = domain

6.1  How do I get my samba server to become a member ( not PDC ) of an NT domain?

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